Team Member Of The Month

Our Team Members Are Our Most Important Ingredients! 


Gainesville Team

Ariadne "nikii" contreras

Ariadne Contreras, better known as Nikii, has come a long way from the time she started at Mi Apa and she's Gainesville's March Front of the House Team Member of the Month. We have seen her grow and improve significantly and we couldn't be more proud of her. Thanks for showing your excellent service to the Mi Apa family!

Regla Mor

Regla Mor is Gainesville's Back of the House Team Member of the Month. She is always ready to succeed and her dedication and commitment are apparent in any situation. She applies the best of herself to the task at hand and is always there to help the team in every manner possible. 

Alachua Team 

Izabella Gomez

In Alachua, we're proud to have Izabella Gomez as our Team Member of the month. She has been with us for 2 years and is a wonderful, dedicated student and hard worker. We are extremely happy to have her on our team. She consistently brings nothing but happiness to the team and to our customers.